Introducing the transition basics series

Announcing intro to transitions.jpg

When I started this blog I had grand plans (you can check out all of my great plans here). Naturally, however, if you check you will see that thus far I have barely written anything – Oops. I blame writing exhaustion from finishing up my PhD thesis (that is a thing, right?).

So to get back into the swing of things, I have decided to do a blog series on the basics of transitions research. Why? Well, I think that if I am going to write and discuss transitions, I should in the very least introduce some of the basic concepts of the literature. After all, how can I discuss how niches have resource dependencies on regimes if first I don’t tell you what a niche and a regime is?

The plan is to write a minimum of six blog articles over the course of the upcoming weeks introducing some of the basic concepts from transitions literature. My hope is to reach activists, officials, and researchers from different fields. So I will attempt to reduce some of the more ridiculous terms used within this academic community, although I must admit that I already will know I will to some degree fail – but please dear reader let me know in the comments where I am failing to explain the terms and hopefully I can come up with a solution.

Okay, back on topic, here is a list of the initial six articles that make up the transition basics blog series:

1.      What is a transition?

2.      What does a transition have to do with sustainability?

3.      What is a regime?

4.      What is a niche?

5.      What is a landscape?

6.      What is an innovation?

Depending on how the initial six posts go, I might add additional blog posts depending on your response. So feel free to write in the comments below any questions or topics you would like me to cover on the transitions basics theme.

So stay tuned for the upcoming post on "what is a transition?"