Sustainable art

Today we are lucky to have a guest post, a graphic created by the lovely people over at As world-wide awareness of the impact of our choices on the environment rises, it becomes easier and more important to live a sustainable life.

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The second one...

I must admit that I am a little nervous about finally starting a blog. It’s something that I have been thinking about for most of my PhD and kept putting off. There is nothing like the self-doubt of “I don’t know enough yet” or “who cares what I have to say?” that helps me put off even the easiest of tasks. Okay, so why blog now?

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Announcing a new podcast series...

I have long wanted to start my own blog. I have started, stopped, deleted, started again. I blame my PhD - after all who wants write MORE after writing all day? Not me. I admire all those academics who write lovely academic blogs in their free time. They are all so insightful and beautifully written. How do they do it and still find time to sleep?

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