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Today we are lucky to have a guest post, a graphic on the topic of sustainable art created by the lovely people over at

As world-wide awareness of the impact of our choices on the environment rises, it becomes easier and more important to live a sustainable life. In recent years, entire industries such as fashion, architecture, and art, have started to encourage environmentally friendly practices. The art world has specifically pledged to use green techniques by creating an entire subset of art called sustainable art.

Artists in this space use up-cycling, circular fashion, and land art to add artistic flare, protect our world and inspire global social change. Invaluable created this visual that showcases ways that artists implement sustainable practices and how these efforts make an impact on our planet. Take a look at these groundbreaking art forms and get inspired to make sustainable decisions in your profession and day-to-day life. What will you do to be more eco-friendly today?

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