Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions (part 1)


Today’s podcast is with Dr. Ramana Gudipudi and Dr. Luis Carvalho Costa who both do work on how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Ramana’s work focuses on reducing emissions in cities whereas Luis’ work focuses on which lifestyle and technology changes reduce emissions.

I talk to Ramana and Luis about their recent work including why we should be reducing greenhouse gas emissions, their approaches to studying how to reduce emissions, and what are the goals of their research. We also discuss their findings on how we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Part 2 of our discussion will be coming soon so stay tuned!



What to know more about Ramana’s and Luis’ work? Check out some of the links below:

EU Calculator: Trade-offs and Pathways towards Sustainable and Low-carbon European Societies 

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The music is Harx Hitter by Uncanny