Transition Town Frankfurt


Today’s podcast is with Mr. Alexander Breit, a member of Transition Town Frankfurt. Transition Town Frankfurt is a community-based initiative in Frankfurt focused on tackling issues such as climate change and peak oil.

I talk to Mr. Breit about the Transition Town movement and Transition Town Frankfurt specifically. He also explains the goals of Transition Towns and the sort of activities Transition Town Frankfurt undertakes to try to achieve those goals. We also talk about how Transition Town Frankfurt has changed over time and some of its biggest challenges and successes. Lastly, we also explore what we can do to get involved and help the movement.

Podcast Outline

1.      Introduction section: big ideas

a.      What is a Transition Town? (0:50)

b.      How did you get involved in the Transition Town movement? (1:27)

c.      What are the goals of the Transition Town movement? (1:58)

2.      Details

a.      What differentiates the Transition Town Frankfurt from other Transition Towns? (2:57)

b.      Would you describe it more of like a network than an initiative? Or would you describe it as an initiative and a network? (4:37)

c.      How is Transition Town Frankfurt organized? (5:59)

d.      What kinds of people participate in Transition Town Frankfurt? (9:17)

e.      Do you find it difficult to incorporate minorities? (10:58)

f.       What sort of activities does Transition Town Frankfurt do? (13:44)

g.      Are these associated organizations their own legal forms? (15:43)

h.      What do you think been your greatest success thus far? (16:41)

i.       What are the biggest challenges that for Transition Town Frankfurt? (18:28)

j.       Do you work with other organizations such as non-profits or government? (20:52)

k.      How has Transition Town Frankfurt changed over time? (22:41)

l.        How do you see Transition Town Frankfurt as participating in a transition? (24:08)

3.      What does it mean

a.      What can the public do to support the Transition Town movement? (25:48)

b.      What should the government do if they want to support the Transition Town movement? (26:17)

c.      What should someone do if they are interested in learning more about the Transition Town movement? (27:35)

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The music is by bradleyparsons