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Today’s podcast is with Dr. Bernd Hezel, the Creative Scientist at Climate Media Factory.

I talk to Bernd about the work of Climate Media Factory, how they create their content, and who they work with. We discuss how Climate Media Factory got started and its plan for the future.  Lastly, we also discuss the potential role of Climate Media Factory and science communication in a sustainable transition.

Podcast Outline

1.      Introduction section: what is Climate Media Factory?

a.      What is Climate Media Factory? (0:48)

b.      What are the goals of the Climate Media Factory? (1:12)

c.      How did the Climate Media Factory get started? (1:52)

d.      Was your [starter] money from the German government? (2:52)

e.      What is unique about Climate Media Factory compared to your competitors? (2:55)

f.       What is your role at Climate Media Factory? (3:38)

g.      Do you find it difficult doing this? Do scientists often want to say too much? (4:22)

2.      Details: describing the work

a.      Could you walk me through the process of how you create your content? (5:11)

b.      So you mentioned scientists, who else do you typically work with to create your content? (6:45)

c.      Could you give me a few examples of the type of content you produce? (7:39)

d.      So it was an animated movie about a mathematical paper? (9:00)

e.      What was your favorite project and why? (10:03)

f.       What are Climate Media Factory’s plans for the future? (12:14)

3.      Role in transition

a.      What do you see as the role of Climate Media Factory in the broader war against climate change? (13:31)

b.      Why do you think communicating science in this way is important? (14:27)

c.      Where should listeners go if they are interested in learning more about Climate Media Factory? (14:54)

Want to learn more about Climate Media Factory? Check out these links below:

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The music is by bradleyparsons